How do I add the Copyright, Registered and Trademark characters in my WordPress blog?

When I was scribbling my previous post, I stumbled upon the need to add the Registered Trademark symbol (®). It took me some time to figure out how to add special symbols such as Copyright (©) in a WordPress blog.

To make life simpler for other blog writers, here is the method I use to add special symbols.

  • Choose ‘HTML’ on the right hand top corner of the blog editor as shown below.
HTML tab displayed on the right hand top corner of the blog editor.

HTML tab displayed on the right hand top corner of the blog editor.

  • Move the cursor to the position where the required symbol is to be inserted.
  • Taking into reference the table (ISO 8859-1 Symbols) listed below, add ‘HTML Tag’ that corresponds to the symbol in question.












Registered Trademark

The reference section below, lists links to webpages where you can find HTML tags for additional symbols.


  1. HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference:
  2. ISO8859-1 Table:
  3. HTML Codes – Characters and symbols:
  4. ISO/IEC 8859-1:
  5. ISO-8859-1 Characters Set for HTML:
  6. ISO 8859-1 Symbols:
  7. ISO 8859-1 National Character Set FAQ:


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