English Grammar – What are ‘Parts of Speech’?

English is a extremely beautiful and flexible language. A word meaning is derived from how it is used in a sentence along with it’s spelling and pronounciation.

Several words are put together to form a sentence which has certain meaning. This sentence can be termed as a speech. Hence, the words in the sentence form the parts of the speech.

The parts of speech are classified into eight types, namely:

  1. Adjectives
  2. Adverbs
  3. Conjunctions
  4. Interjections
  5. Nouns
  6. Prepositions
  7. Pronouns
  8. Verbs



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My quest for knowledge – English Grammar

I have always liked English as a language. I have been studying English since my school days. Now, after all these years, I want to refine my knowledge of English Grammar.

I have finalized to kick-start my quest for knowledge of English Grammar with ‘Parts of Speech‘. To make sure that I do not loose track during the process of learning, I have planned to write a blog post after learning each parts of speech, starting with ‘Adjectives’.

Please wish me all the best in my quest!

Thank you.

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