Day 3 – Swimming course continues….

Today is Saturday, August 8, 2009. The best part of today is that, I did not miss the morning class!

The morning batch was less crowded in contract to the evening one. There were around eight students in the morning batch, where as the count was 25+ for the evening batch. In summary, the amount of time the instructor dedicated per candidate in the morning batch was substantially huge in comparison with the evening one.

The instructor for the morning class was not the one who use to train us in the evening class. I was there at the swimming pool by 4:45 AM. Wow! that’s quite early!

It was chilling. I took a shower. The water was so cold that I started shivering after the shower. Next, I jumped into the swimming pool. The water felt a bit warmer since the shower water was colder than the water in the pool.

We had to walk along the width of the pool for five minutes, followed by some dips in the water. Next, we were asked to try floating our body on the surface utilizing the 0.5 inch diameter pipe fixed to one end of the swimming pool.

We were still in 5 feet area of the swimming pool. The max depth of the pool in which we are being trained is 15 feet. By the end of 21 days, we are supposed to swim across the pool starting from the shallow region (four feet) onto the other end of the pool (15 feet) and back. (more…)

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