Day 2 – Swimming Course…

I missed the morning batch again on the second day of the swimming course. It was Friday, August 07, 2009. I woke up at 6:15 AM. Well, I have yet to adapt to the Benjamin Franklin’s statement – ‘Early to bed and early from bed‘.

As usual, to compensate for the missed morning batch, I had to attended the evening batch at 7:45 PM.

Day 2:

Zeus had blessed this day. It was drizzling every now and then. So was the temperature which went below usual. It was cold, chilling drive to the swimming pool located almost 5ooo meters(3.1 miles) away from my home.

I was late by five minutes when I reached the swimming pool. I had to put my cloths and put on the swim suit. Take a shower and then jump into the pool. Well, all this process consumed just above another five minutes.

I revised some of the body movements that the instructor had trained us the day before. The best part was that I wasn’t sinking anymore. Though, I would go down when I inhaled fresh air :).

Day 2 was more of learning the floating technique. A pipe with 1/2 inch diameter is fixed at one end of the swimming pool – near the shallow region. We had to hold that pipe and try floating on the water upside down. “The head of the candidate should be immersed in water to float successfully”, was the instruction put forth by the instructor.

Well, it worked! We were able to float only when our head was immersed in water. As soon as we inhaled fresh air, we started sinking.

The next technique was to move to the 5 feet zone and try to float towards the shallow region. To some extent it worked.

By now, it was almost 8:45 PM. The instructor asked us to take a few dips, breathe-in and breathe-out air as appropriate and climb out of the swimming pool.

Later, I took a shower and headed for dinner… This was our second day of training.


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