How to Learn Freestyle Swimming?

It has 18 days since been I joined a swimming course on August 6, 2009. It has been a great experience till date. Based on my learning experience so far, I have come up with an algorithm that can be followed to learn swimming. The view and the method presented below is purely based on my personal opinion and experience. It does not comply to any standards. Please read the disclaimer section at the end of this post for further clarification.

Step 1: Practice holding your breath and learn to float in Water.

  • Anything that has air trapped inside can float. A cork floats in water since it has air trapped in it. Similarly, humans can float if they hold their breath.
  • The trainer should illustrate a simple demonstration of the face-down float and float by wrapping the arms around the knees and holding the breath for five seconds.
  • Demonstration of the “dead man’s float” with the arms out like an airplane and the face down in the water can be an added advantage.
  • The learner is expected to imitate the trainer after the demonstrations.

Example of the dead mans float method

Example of the dead man's float method (Image source: P.Gordon's photostream on Flickr)

Another image illustrating the dead mans float (Image source:

Another image illustrating the dead man's float (Image source:

Please note, the learner should never be left unattended at the swimming pool.

The video listed below by Peter Elizondo provides an elaborated view of step 1.


Day 4 – Swimming Course…

The fourth day of the training (Sunday, August 9, 2009). I am regular to the morning batch now. I arrived at the pool at 5:00 AM. Was supposed to be there by 4:45 AM.

The other students of the batch had just arrived. It has always been a delightful experience to drive at those early hours where the city is blessed by Nyx (the goddess of night). I put off my cloths for the swimming suit. Well, I termed myself to be late on that day, hence, no jogging around the pool and mild exercise sessions. I had a shower and jumped into the pool.

I felt that nobody noticed me being late. All of a sudden, my counterpart, a software professional, questioned me regarding the reason for being late. I had to say something. I told him the truth that I woke up late.

Out of the two instructors, one of them was absent on that day. Perhaps, he took a day off since it was a Sunday. The other instructor who usually used to watch the students and make sure that no body was hurt was temporarily promoted to the main instructor designation for a day. That should have been a memorable day for him! (more…)

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