Day 4 – Swimming Course…

The fourth day of the training (Sunday, August 9, 2009). I am regular to the morning batch now. I arrived at the pool at 5:00 AM. Was supposed to be there by 4:45 AM.

The other students of the batch had just arrived. It has always been a delightful experience to drive at those early hours where the city is blessed by Nyx (the goddess of night). I put off my cloths for the swimming suit. Well, I termed myself to be late on that day, hence, no jogging around the pool and mild exercise sessions. I had a shower and jumped into the pool.

I felt that nobody noticed me being late. All of a sudden, my counterpart, a software professional, questioned me regarding the reason for being late. I had to say something. I told him the truth that I woke up late.

Out of the two instructors, one of them was absent on that day. Perhaps, he took a day off since it was a Sunday. The other instructor who usually used to watch the students and make sure that no body was hurt was temporarily promoted to the main instructor designation for a day. That should have been a memorable day for him! (more…)

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