Day 4 – Swimming Course…

The fourth day of the training (Sunday, August 9, 2009). I am regular to the morning batch now. I arrived at the pool at 5:00 AM. Was supposed to be there by 4:45 AM.

The other students of the batch had just arrived. It has always been a delightful experience to drive at those early hours where the city is blessed by Nyx (the goddess of night). I put off my cloths for the swimming suit. Well, I termed myself to be late on that day, hence, no jogging around the pool and mild exercise sessions. I had a shower and jumped into the pool.

I felt that nobody noticed me being late. All of a sudden, my counterpart, a software professional, questioned me regarding the reason for being late. I had to say something. I told him the truth that I woke up late.

Out of the two instructors, one of them was absent on that day. Perhaps, he took a day off since it was a Sunday. The other instructor who usually used to watch the students and make sure that no body was hurt was temporarily promoted to the main instructor designation for a day. That should have been a memorable day for him!

Though he did not get himself wet, he was an effective trainer. We revised all that we had learnt till date and then were asked to hold the pipe fixed to one end of the swimming pool and try the flutter kick. For those of you who are not aware of what flutter kick is, here goes the definition.

“In swimming, the legs are extended straight out in line with the body and then moved up and down, the one leg kicking downwards as the other leg moves up again. The legs are separated to not enhance wingtip vortices. The toes point in the direction of motion to mimic a hydrofoil. The knees are slightly bent to adjust the angle of attack.” -Wikipedia (Article: Flutter Kick).

Flutter kick practice went on for the rest of the training session of day 4. I had a shower and on my way back to home, had a cup of tea. A revitalizing experience!


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