Four days have slipped by since I started learning swimming…

Today is Monday, August 10, 2009 and it happens to be a weekly holiday for the swimming course.

It has been four days since I joined the course. The complete course of 21 daily sessions has a price tag of INR 2300 for an adult. The same course with 25 weekend sessions (Saturday and Sunday) is priced at INR 3300. Each session is about an hour. Two batches per day. The first batch is scheduled at 5 AM in the morning. The second batch, at 7:45 PM in the evening.

There would be two instructors, one, actively engaged in training the candidates and other watching for any unforeseen events. Though after four days, I have understood that it’s quite hard for someone to drown in a swimming pool, but as always, events can never be predicted!

Day 1…

I have had signed up for the first batch in the morning i.e. from 5 AM until 6 AM. On the first day i.e. Thursday, August 6, 2009, I woke up at 5:15 AM only to realize that I missed my first day session! This is one of those crucial times when I think of investing time in designing a time machine. I agree that it is not always recommended to go back in time and change events, but sometime, it helps!

Well, I am still in bed, lazy to get out. With a hope of showing up at the evening batch, I asked the Goddess of Sleep – Nyx, to shower her blessings on me again till 8 AM.

I called the swimming pool administrator by afternoon and enquired if I could attend the evening batch as a compensate for the missed morning batch. He agreed.

Later in the evening, I drove to the pool to reach there at 7:45 PM. I informed the instructor person there that I had missed the morning batch and hence was helpless but attend this one. He had no issues.

Instructions to be followed during the tenure of the course

Since this was the first day of the course, it sounded like the right time for the instructor to put forth the directions to be followed if not get expelled from the training.

Rule 1: Do not smoke and enter the pool.

Rule 2: Do not consume alcohol before entering the premises.

Rule 3: Do not get out of the pool during the training session so that you can have a smoke.

Rule 4: Never miss a class.

Rule 5: A training session will never be suspended even if it’s raining unless there are sever thunderstorms.

Rule 6: If you are irregular, you may fail to master the art of swimming.

Rule 7: Always enter the pool with swim suit. It’s mandatory to wear hat.

Rule 8: Please inform the instructor if you are suffering from either Dermatosis (any disease related to skin) or Cardiopathy (any heart related disease) or Epilepsy.

Rule 9: If you are affected by any communicable disease, please consider it a responsibility to inform the instructor.

Rule 10: Always take a shower before and after jumping into and out of the pool respectively.

What did I learn on Day 1?

The later part of Day 1 had a very stimulating experience awaiting me. After receiving the instructors, we had to follow the last rule (Rule 10).

I had a shower with fresh water before entering the chlorinated water in the pool. For the first few minutes, we were asked to walk along with width of the pool to get accustomed to the chlorinated water. Then, it was time for breathing exercise. We were asked to hold the half inch width pipe fixed towards the end of the pool (shallow region) and take dip, breathe out inside water. We had to do it several times before we were instructed to buoy upside down holding the same pipe. All the effort put forward to have my body afloat went in vain. It was sinking!

The instructor was had an eye on us. He suggested us hold our breathe and immerse our heads completely in water. This triggered a spectacular result. Our body was afloat (at least for few seconds). This was the most exciting experience I ever had.

The science behind this looks like when you stop breathing, the air in the lungs causes a the density of the body to be less than that of water resulting it to buoy.

We heard the whistle ring. It was 8:45 PM and our training on the first day had reached an end. We were reluctant to jump out of the pool. The instructor had no choice but take the drastic step of shouting at us to get out of the pool.

It was the second amazing experience when I climbed out of the pool. The gravitational force! I was struggling to balance my body and stand straight on two feet, though this experience lasted few moments, but it was an awe-inspiring one. Nothing can match this experience!

Finally, I had a shower, put on my clothes and drove back to my home to have a good night sleep.

Morale: What did I learn from this experience?

  • Never ever procrastinate! We loose opportunities if we indulge to this habit.
  • Early to bed and early from bed makes a human healthy, wealthy and wise – Always go to be early and sleep for at least eight hours. It’s mandatory, no excuses.


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